Artificial Intelligence in ALPR Technology

The world offers a wealth of technological complexity that is often difficult to manage. Understanding differences and challenges as we cross borders and markets is an essential element in the development of high-quality ALPR technology; enter Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Artificial Intelligence covers a plethora of solutions but when discussing its pivotal position in global ALPR technology we focus more on the subsets:

Machine learning

Offers the techniques that enable computers to identify patterns and behaviors through the analysis of continual data sets

Deep learning

Enables computers to use performed analysis and offer solutions across a range of complex problems

IQ ALPR Camera

MAV Systems has taken advantage of AI for a number of years

When both intelligence tools are combined, they offer a powerful resource in developing technology that provides continual improvement and enhanced data confidence. MAV Systems has taken advantage of AI for many years, embedding computer led improvement tools across a wide range of ALPR cameras that are being used in multiple applications across the world.

By providing technology partners with ALPR cameras with an intelligence core, MAV Systems ensures that each ALPR camera is continually analysing performance for potential improvements. As integrated technology, these ALPR cameras also offer wider system improvements through the enhanced confidence of data identification, analysis and subsequent transfer.

IQ Range

IQX Range

Artificial Intelligence (Ai)

Techniques that enables computers to replicate human intelligence

Machine Learning

Techniques that enable machines to improve at tasks with experience

Deep Learning

Techniques based on neural networks that allow machines to train themselves to perform or improve a task

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