June 14, 2024

How many of us have invited consultants to join us in discussions regarding planning for the future and what the next ‘big thing’ is going to be? I would guess quite a few. We imagine market ‘experts’ can provide us with guidance as to market reactions, fluctuations and expectations. Don’t get me wrong, some input from consultants is valuable but is this the best source of information or are there more active, responsive channels to the inner workings of the market?

A number of years ago we received an email from one of our partners regarding an upgrade we had completed on one of our ALPR cameras. The email was to congratulate is on our work and stated that if the partner could have chosen updates, the ones we had provided would match them exactly. How perfectly our ambition met our partner’s needs.

My colleague approached me a while ago and bemoaned a purchase he had made citing a simple change which would make his life far easier and, he was convinced, would make the lives of others far easier as well (no product name drops here). I listened to his explanation and agreed it seemed to be an improvement and, I would expect, easier to provide than the end result.

I think you can guess where I am going from here. The best sources of information regarding product development, market fluctuations, expectations and reaction are your audiences. Whether this be your workforce, your customers, your business next door or your networks, everyone has an opinion and their own needs which need to be met. Not all of these are going to be the most brilliant of ideas but tiny umbrellas for phones aside, listening to your audiences is without doubt the best source of information and invention available to you.

MAV have listened to the thoughts and opinions of their varying audiences for a number of years and have been rewarded with growth, loyalty and trust. We are all customers, many of us have need for that which we sell or know a lot of people that do. Customers know what improvements will best meet their needs and whilst cost is always a factor, innovation and inspiration are only a stride away from information.