June 14, 2024

Innovation sits alongside quality at the heart of everything MAV do and it is with such priorities that the new Rapier 50IQ is being designed. Intelligent cameras by their very name represent leading edge technology that meet the challenges set forth by a wide range of sector and geographical requirements. They are not replacements for analogue nor digital cameras, instead they provide alternative solutions to the ever changing needs of both today’s and tomorrow’s market place.

It is with a eye on the future that MAV have developed the Rapier 50IQ, a next generation camera that provides partners with the opportunity of advancing their product portfolios as well as their customer base. The camera has been developed through collaboration with sector representatives to ensure the application specifications meet the differing needs of each sector all housed in one technologically advanced unit. MAV never engineer products based on personal expectations of need, instead we design and build cameras that satisfy the requirements that we measure through collaboration and exceed through innovation.

MAV build the best today and better for tomorrow.