September 24, 2023

MAV Systems Ltd, an international leader in ALPR technology, has launched their next generation Intelligent ALPR Camera, The Rapier 50IQ.

The Rapier 50IQ incorporates HD image quality, motorised zoom cameras, high speed ALPR recognition and maxIRange pulsed IR lighting in one efficient unit. A perfect balance of low power consumption and superior performance capabilities, coupled with the latest generation of ALPR engine and simple installation takes intelligent cameras to the next level.

Rapier 50IQ Intelligent Camera details

To provide their partners with the industry leading intelligent camera, MAV have worked with a third party ALPR software provider to enable the IQ camera to provide a complete plate reading solution. The Rapier IQ’s ALPR engine performs at the highest level of accuracy but, more importantly, provides metadata that allows our partners to develop new and novel applications unique to them and their industry at low cost and high speed. To do this, the Rapier IQ provides access to packets of data in JSON format. This additional metadata allows application developers to build their own IPR by creating rules and analysis techniques to recognise events such as illegal turns, exit/entry violations, direction and speed of travel alongside the ALPR read itself.

Of the Rapier IQ, Steve Walker, Managing Director of MAV stated:
“Everyone likes to talk about the next generation and breaking barriers but when referring to the Rapier IQ such terms are true. From the low power consumption and simple installation to the advanced open platform metadata capabilities, the Rapier IQ has been developed to empower our partners do what they do better. This level of performance, capability, reliability and technology has never been seen before in a single unit so efficiently designed. The reaction of partners who have tested the IQ to date has been overwhelmingly positive and we cannot wait to spread the word far and wide.”

Peter Henden, Technical Director of MAV summarised his views:
“Rapier IQ brings together the best ALPR technologies in one package. Combining the right balance of video processing, cameras and illumination technologies has allowed us to create an intelligent camera we can proudly and confidently launch with the Rapier name for professional quality and performance. The Rapier 50IQ is a truly awesome product and watch this space for more from the IQ family throughout the year.”

Rapier 50IQ Intelligent Camera details

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ALPR) is known as Automatic Licence Plate Recognition (ALPR) in a number of countries throughout the world including the United States of America.