ALPR Partners
July 19, 2024

At a time of global challenge, it is important to identify the ways in which we can help our local and national businesses.

MAV have taken a number of steps to mitigate the affect that the coronavirus is having on our manufacturing and engineering activities as we plan to continually meet the needs of our partners. With a sensible approach to safety, and with preparation planning, we are able to meet the technological demands that are as yet unchanged.

Having taken steps to safeguard our workforce and, in turn, their families, friends and neighbours, our next objective was to safeguard the needs of our partnerships ensuring they can continue to function to their individual capacities. We understand that businesses, sectors and the economy as a whole are facing unprecedented challenges that could not have been foreseen. That is why we strive to support our partners in any way we can, discussing short, medium and long-term requirements that we can plan for, commercial options and consistently providing updates on manufacturing capabilities and the options for expedited production.

Britain is amongst the most resolute and resilient countries in the world because we work together and support each other in times of difficulty. We continue to support our local businesses in the knowledge that by doing so we add to a foundation from which progress can be made whatever turmoil is faced in the coming weeks and months. We know that all businesses in Britain will be working together to support mutual productivity and long-term success and we aim to be another cog in the wheel that drives through to the other side of these challenges.

Whilst we realise that some of our partners may have to make some difficult decisions, if we can provide any support to reduce the impact of these difficulties faced please contact us for an honest and open discussion.

Stay Safe!

From all at MAV Systems Ltd