July 19, 2024

MAV’s next generation Intelligent ALPR camera, the Rapier 50IQ was released just over a month ago and since then has been a source of great discussion within a number of sectors including Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS). With the announcement of the Rapier 50IQ’s arrival on both Trafficsafe and IFSEC Global it is clear that the industry is excited about the arrival of an Intelligent ALPR Camera that provides its users with much more than is expected.

Since its launch a great number of existing and new partners have asked for demonstrations of the Rapier 50IQ and once they have seen its capabilities the only question has been how many cameras they need, such is the superior performance that has been demonstrated. Among its many benefits the IQ boasts:

  • Eco Credentials for a long, efficient life
  • Powerful Processing
  • Application Developer Friendly
  • ALPR Engine Preloaded
  • The easiest ALPR cameras to install and maintain
  • POE

The feedback we have received has been unanimous in championing the capabilities of this next generation Intelligent ALPR Camera. We look forward to further engagements with many partners who are able to use the Rapier 50IQ to further their success in the wide range of applications this technology has been optimised for. To find out more about the Rapier 50IQ, visit the Intelligent Camera and Product pages. Alternatively if you wish to discuss the IQ camera or want to organise a demonstration contact us.