July 19, 2024


The Rapier 50IQ Intelligent ALPR camera is continually being updated to provide you with further capabilities and system setup options.

To simplify the back office integration of our flagship Intelligent ALPR camera, Rapier 50IQ, we have increased the number of communication channels for our ‘Store and Forward’ data management feature. This now includes a choice of 3 different transmission protocols. The support of industry standard UTMC and FTP formats provide seamless linkage to existing systems and ensures an easy and accurate set up or substitution.

However, the primary bearer for the IQ is our extensible JSON format which provides a wealth of enhanced information fields with each ALPR data capture, enabling the expansion of your application features to provide you with a competitive edge previously unattainable.

This has now been added to the long list of capabilities that makes the Rapier 50IQ the leading Intelligent ALPR camera in the market. To read more about the camera specifications view the product page