June 14, 2024

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The Rapier 50IQ Intelligent ALPR Camera is generating a huge amount of interest from partners across a wide range of sectors due to its compatibility with multiple ALPR applications.




ALPR for more than plate recognition

MAV Systems has launched the Rapier 50IQ ALPR camera which incorporates HD image quality, motorised zoom cameras, high speed ALPR recognition and maxIRange pulsed IR lighting in one unit. The Rapier IQ offers a typical power consumption of 8W; not only important to the environment, running costs and cabling but more importantly it means that the Rapier IQ has significantly lower heat generation and will not suffer throttling or reliability issues associated with alternative designs.

Each camera takes raw digital video from the two integrated HD zoom cameras used for ALPR and overview and processes each image at full video frame rate. The ALPR recognition does not stop at the recognition of plate letters/numbers, the JSON data also provides plate tracking, size, ID, format and other information. This additional metadata offers application developers the ability to add to their own IPR by creating rules and analysis. Examples of use would be in detection of vehicles performing illegal turns, three-point turns, exit through entry, direction and speed of travel.

Professional Security Installer (PSI) Mar 2015

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